Tree Planting Project

Kuyahoora Valley Rotary Club
Tree Planting Project - District 7150
On Saturday morning April 30, 2022, a group of 10 people (Rotarians and volunteers) planted Eastern White Pine saplings at 9509 State Route 28 in Poland, NY. Bob, Bruce, Caleb, Grace, Jeff, John, Leonora, Mikala, Regan and Teri planted the saplings very quickly. It was a bright sunny morning, and the temperature was perfect for the activity.
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2021 Senior Awards

Annual Scholarships Awarded To Deserving Poland and West Canada Valley Seniors. Award Winners were announced at each school’s Graduation in June. The recipient and his/her family were invited to an August Rotary Dinner where the monetary award was presented.
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2020 Senior Awards

The Kuyahoora Valley Rotary Club has again given out $4,000 in awards to six graduating
Seniors from the two local schools, Poland Central School (PCS) and West Canada Valley Central School (WCV).  This year the Rotary Foundation supplemented our awards to meet our goals. The Arthur Whaley Award ($1000) is given to two seniors (Emily Walther - PCS and Caeli Campbell - WCV) for academic excellence, The Richard Rausch Award ($500) is given to two Seniors (Baily Dunn – PCS and Sarah Costello – WCV) for exhibiting strong effort in school. The Kenneth Young Award ($500) is given to two Seniors (Jack Oczkowski – PCS and Casey Dibble – WCV) for outstanding community service.  In addition, one Senior (Portia Camardello) in West Canada Valley Central School is recognized with a $1,000 award for academic/athletic excellence in memory of Patricia Coman.  All winners attended a Rotary dinner meeting with their parents at the Town of Russia Memorial Park in Poland, NY. We are very proud of them all. Pictured below from left to right is: Sarah Costello, Emily Walther, Baily Dunn, Ann Maher (Club President), Casey Dibble, Portia Camardello, and Caeli Campbell. Absent is Jack Oczkowski. Also See photoalbums/2020-senior-awards
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Students of the Month 2-19-19

At the February 19, 2019 meeting Students of the Month from the West Canada Central School were honored. The Kuyahoora Valley Rotary Club honors students for the academic and service work accomplished during the school year. Each month a student is selected alternating between Poland Central School and West Canada Valley Central School as the Rotary Student of the Month. Students of the Month and their immediate family are invited, as guests, to the clubs meeting for dinner and presentation of the award. Caeli Campbell, selected for October 2018 and Jordon Murphy, selected for December 2018 were each provided a card and $100 check for their accomplishments. Pictured from left to right are Caeli Campbell, Tom Lindsay (Rotary Past President) and Jordon Murphy.
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2018 Outgoing Exchange Students

The Kuyahoora Valley Rotary Club sponsored two students, through the Rotary Exchange Student Program, to foreign countries to study and live for a full year. They are Sarah Esty of Newport and Bailey Dunn of Poland.  Sarah will spend her year in Switzerland living with three Swiss families while attending school there. Bailey will do the same in Hungary.  Both girls engaged in intensive language studies before leaving the USA and both flew to their destinations in mid-August. 


While in the foreign country the exchange students are sponsored and assisted by a local Rotary Club of that country. Similarly, while a foreign exchange student is visiting our country they are sponsored and assisted by a local Rotary Club.


Our club is honored to sponsor responsible young students abroad to serve as ambassadors for our Country and to learn another language/culture, as well as assisting foreign exchange students to our country.  The year spent abroad in a foreign school does not count and so returning students must complete US graduation requirements.  However, they acquire an experience that money cannot buy.  We wish them a good year. Pictured below from left to right are Sara Esty and Baily Dunn

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Rotary Annual Senior Award Winners Dinner

Posted by Tom Lindsay

On Aug 7 2018, the Kuyahoora Valley Rotary Club invited all six of its senior student award winners to attend a dinner meeting.  The award winners each introduced their parents and told us briefly about their academic plans for the coming year and their eventual job goals.  This year we had three seniors from Poland Central High School (PCS) and three from West Canada Valley Central High School (WCVCS) that won awards for academic achievement, volunteerism or outstanding effort. 


The Arthur Whaley award, $1000 for academic achievement, went to Patrick Mahoney (PCS), who plans on attending NYU majoring in Business Administration, and Abigail Gorinshek (WCVCS), who plans on attending SUNY Geneseo majoring in Early Childhood Education.


The Kenneth Young award of $500 recognizes outstanding effort and self-improvement during the high school years.   It was awarded to Ryan Kolwaite (PCS), who plans to attend SUNY Poly majoring in Electrical Engineering, and Victoria Tasovac (WCVCS), who will attend Daemen College to become a physician’s assistant.


Lastly, the Rasch award, $500 for community service, was presented to John Zuchowski (PCS), who plans on attending Robert Williams College majoring in Biology and Evan Moynihan (WCVCS), who plans on attendng Utica College majoring in Political Science.  Evan will also run for a spot on the West Canada Valley Central School Board this Fall.



From left to right: Ryan Kolwaite, Victoria Tasovac, Evan Moynihan, Abigail Gorinshek, Patrick Mahoney and John Zuchowski.

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Apr 2018 Student of the Month

Nat Lowell was chosen by the Rotary Club of the Kuyahoora Valley as their student-of-the-month for April.  He is currently a sophomore at the West Canada School but plans on attending Albany SUNY for a possible career in Law when he graduates.  Meanwhile he is taking College Now courses and A.P. courses as they become available.  He is a class Officer and tutors friends during spare school time.  We are proud of Nat and his hard work. Pictured from Left to right is Nat Lowell and Dorene Gortner, Club President.



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Students of the Month Mar & May 2018

The Kuyahoora Rotary club recognized two students from PHS for the months of March and May.  They and their parents were treated to dinner with us.  In addition, they received $100 gifts and cards. Devon Drapper is now a high school Junior and has not made a decision on his college yet.  However, he plans on being trained as an electrical engineer and is a top student.  He is also the president of the ROTERACT Club in his school. He will be doing a three week internship in electrical engineering this summer. P.J. Mahoney is a high school Senior this year and plans on attending New York University in Brooklyn for Civil Engineering.  He is the Valedictorian of his graduating class and was also recognized as an excellent baseball player. We wish both of these outstanding students the best of luck in their future endeavors. Pictured from left to right are JP Mahoney and Devin Drapper.

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Poland Central School Interact

At the Kuyahoora Valley Rotary Club meeting on Jan 16 2018, the Kuyahoora club presented the Rotary International Certification to the newly formed Interact Club at Poland Central School (PCS). Interact Clubs are Rotary sponsored clubs for high school students to learn about Rotary and to enhance the school, local, national and international communities similar to all world-wide Rotary Clubs. The PCS Interact has 15 members. The Interact Club motto, as with all Rotary clubs, is “service above self” and as such the PCS Interact has initiated service programs to include, food collection for Veterans, and the Rotary International program of “Books for the World. Pictured Below from left to right are: Dorene Gortner (Rotary/Interact Club coordinator), Chloe Lawson (Interact Member), Baily Dunn (Interact Member), Gabrielle Stemmer (Interact Member), Deven Draper (Interact Club President) and Tom Lindsay (Rotary Club President).



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2016-17 Exchange Student Visit

Posted by Tom Lindsay on Jan 07, 2018

At Jan 2, 2018 meeting the Kuyahoora Valley Rotary Club was honored with many guests, including last year’s Exchange student, Marius. Marius and his mother, Karola were visiting from Germany and spent some time with our club. It’s always a pleasure to have a student return, especially when we get to meet family members too. Thank you both! Pictured from left to right are Bub Barra (KV Rotary YE Club Counselor), Ivan (current Exchange student from Chile), Marius, Karola, and Melissa McCredie (KV Rotary YE Officer)

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Oct/Nov 2017 Students of the Month

Posted on Jan 03, 2018

The Kuyahoora Valley Rotary Club hosted two outstanding students from local high schools at its December 19 2017 meeting. The October 2017 “Student of the Month” was Elizabeth Comstock, a senior at Poland Central School. Elizabeth plans to study Veterinarian Science.  Her high school interests are music and drama club. The November 2017 “Student of the Month” was Victoria Tasovac, a senior at West Canada Valley Central School. Victoria plans to pursue a five-year course of study in Physical Therapy.  In fact, she was interviewing at Damian College near Buffalo the same day she came to our meeting.  In addition to being a top student, Victoria is a top athlete at her school. Both girls received $100 from the Rotary Club for being outstanding students. Pictured from left to right are: Victoria Tasovac, Mike Chauvin (Club Treasurer), and Elizabeth Comstock.


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2017 Paul Harris Fellow

Posted on Dec 22, 2017

The Kuyahoora Rotary Club held an annual Christmas Party at the Miner’s Table on December 12 2017 this year. 33 people including club members, their spouses and guests attended the party. A great diner was served by the hosts at the Miner’s Table. As an annual event during the party a club member is honored by being nominated as a Paul Harris Fellow. This year an Honorary Member, Las Porter, was the selected nominee. Les has supported the Kuyhoora Rotary Club by volunteering his Auctioneer Services at the Annual Rotary Auction held in May of each year for more than 20 years. Pictured from Right to left are, Les Porter, Tom Lindsay (Club President) and Penny Porter.

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Interact Club

Posted by TAL on Oct 31, 2017
The Interact Club of Poland Central School met today with Rotarian John Zygmunt to learn more about the needs of our Veterans. The students will be collecting food and monetary donations outside of Aldo's Market on Sunday, November 5th for the Veterans Outreach organization. The Interact Club is sponsored by the Rotary Club of Kuyahoora Valley.
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West Canada Valley School Senior Awards

Three outstanding seniors at West Canada Valley Central School won awards from the Kuyahoora Valley Rotary Club, based on their essays and high school activities.  David Krouse won the $1000 academic award and plans to attend SUNY POLY. He will major in mechanical engineering and technology. Jenna Yager received a $500 award for her volunteer work during her high school years.  She plans to attend MVCC and become a nurse.    Lastly, Sierra Rowe won the $500 effort award and plans to attend the Albany College of Pharmacy for the next six years where she will receive her Doctorate in Pharmacy.  Pictured from left to right are Jenna Yager, David Krouse, Tom Lindsay (Club President) and Sierra Rowe.

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Poland Central School Senior Awards

Three outstanding seniors at Poland Central School won awards from the Kuyahoora Valley Rotary Club based on their essays and high school activities.  Sarah Braunlich won the $1000 academic award.  She plans to attend SUNY New Paltz and major in biology.  Her future plans include training as an oncologist.  David Watrous won the $500 award for his volunteer work while in high school.  He plans on attending St. John Fisher and majoring in political science and pre-law.  His eventual goal is to become a lawyer.  Shiane Irwin won the $500 effort award and plans to attend St. John Fisher to the Master’s level were she will become a nurse-practitioner.  She is also one of the best athletes to come from Poland Central School. Pictured from left to right are David Watrous, Tom Lindsay (Club President), Shiane Irwin, and Sarah Braunlich.

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District Governor's Visit

Posted on Aug 08, 2017
Due to new ownership and remodeling of the Blue Rose Restaurant the District Governor's (Phillis Danks) visit to the Kuyahoora Rotary Club was held the Gortner Residence. A picnic was held for members with their spouses, and guests included Phillis Danks, Roger Skinner and Tony Piana. The weather was great and a good time was had by all.  Pictured below is from left to right is Phillis Danks (District Governor) and Dorene Gortner (President Elect).
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Exchange Students

Posted on Jun 28, 2017
Also at last night's meeting, we honored our current Inbound exchange student, Marius Mussinger and our Outbound exchange student for next year, Madison Muller. Pictured below are Marius and the Hobin's (his host family for the 2nd half of his year here) Madison and her mom Darlene, Madison and Marius, and Marius and KV Rotary Youth Exchange Officer, Melissa McCredie. We wish Marius and Madison safe travels in the coming months and send many thanks to the Hobin's for welcoming Marius into their home! We'd also like to again thank the Blumenstock family for hosting earlier in the year, we are very grateful!
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2017 Changing of the Guard

Posted on Jun 28, 2017
At last night's meeting, we celebrated the annual Changing of the Guard, transferring the leadership of our club from one President to the next. Many thanks to our outgoing President, Frank McGann and welcome to incoming President, Tom Lindsay (who will be serving his second term).
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April/May 2017 Student-of-the-Month

At our May 30th Kuyahoora Rotary Club meeting we distributed Student-of-the-Month awards to 2 students, one each from Poland and West Canada Central Schools. We encouraged both students to apply for one of our graduation awards.  We distribute $6,000 in awards annually to graduating seniors from Poland and West Canada Central Schools.

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2017 Fishing Derby

Posted on Jun 12, 2017
On June 3 2017, the Kuyahoora Rotary Club held its annual Fishing Derby at two well-stocked ponds in Norway. The fishing derby is free for the youth of the Kuyahoora Valley, generally students from the West Canada and Poland Central School District. Derby registration was completed by 8:00 am with 77 young anglers who were accompanied by at least that many adults. The anglers, aged 4 through 12 years, were divided into 7 age categories and prizes were awarded for the largest fish caught in each category and a Grand Prize was awarded for the overall largest fish caught. About 73 Trout were landed in only 2 ½ hours. Lots of grilled hot dogs, soda, cookies and snacks are provided as well as prizes for just about everyone.  Every year Morgan’s Bait of Camden supplies hundreds of worms for the Derby, Stewart's Shops and other vendors provide prizes for the winners.  Winners were as follows:
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March 2017 Student of the Month

Brady Blanchard is recognized by the Kuyahoora Rotary Club for his outstanding work at Poland Central School


Brady Blanchard was selected as the Kuyahoora Rotary Club student-of-the-month for March 2017.  He is currently a graduating Senior with a heavy schedule of College Now coursework. He plans to attend SUNY Cobleskill for two years and then transfer to the University of Georgia where he will major in Turf grass science. As well as being a top student, he has a long resume of high school activities that the Kuyahoora Rotarians feel are outstanding. He is a member of the school’s golf team and has played at two NYS Conventions. We are so proud of him. Pictured in the Photo is Brady and the Rotary Club’s President-Elect Tom Lindsay.





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December 2016 Student of the Month

Posted by TAL on Feb 02, 2017

Tazrin Lilly is recognized for his outstanding work at WCVCS by the Kuyahoora Rotary Club


Tazrin Lilly from WCVCS was selected as the Kuyahoora Rotary Club student-of-the-month for December.  He is currently a graduating Senior with plans to attend a local college and pursue a career in either Physical Therapy or Physical Education and coaching.  As well as being a top student, he has a long resume of high school activities that the Kuyahoora Rotarians feel are outstanding. He is on the local football team and was selected for the Mohawk Valley All-Star Football team, published by the O-D. He was selected by his school to participate in Empire Boys State and ended up being elected a County Official.  He is an Eagle Scout and helped landscape and plant a small garden in front of the Veterans Outreach Center in Utica. Tazrin also has a softer side.  He plays the bass clarinet in the school band and held the lead role in  BEAUTY AND THE BEAST in this year's musical.  We are so proud of him. Pictured in the Photo is Tazrin and the Rotary Club’s President Frank McGann.



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2016 Christmas Party

Posted on Dec 13, 2016
The Club held our annual Christmas Party at the Ohio Tavern on December 14 2016 this year. @9 people including club members, their spouses and guests attended the party. A great diner was served by the hosts at the Ohio Tavern. As an annual event during the party a club member is honored as being nominated as a Paul Harris Fellow. This year Tom Lindsay was the selected nominee.
                                                 Tom Lindsay
                                  Paul Harris Presentation
                           Lindsay's and Gortner's
                         Howard's, Snyder's and Linda Eyklehoff
                                 Linda Eyklehoff and Guests Les Porter and Wife
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2016 Exchange Student Presentation

Posted on Dec 05, 2016
At the December 6 2016 meeting this years Exchange Student, Marius, gave a presentation on his home country of Germany and of his time spent here in the US.
                                                                   Marius and Frank McGan
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Hinckley Dam

Posted by TAL on Oct 03, 2016
At our October 4th meeting a guest speaker, Wayne Getman, spoke on the Hinckley Dam project, which was the largest concrete dam in the world at the time of its construction. It took more than three years to complete and opened in 1915. the same year as the Panama Canal. He had books on the project for sale at $12.00 which contained over 100 vintage photos. The book is also available at the Newport History Center on Main St in Newport.
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Marius' 16th Birthday

Posted by TAL on Sep 27, 2016
At last evenings Rotary Meeting we celebrated our Exchange Student's (Marius) 16th Birthday. Marius attended the meeting with his host family the Blumenstocks  Marius is from Germany and is attending Poland Central School this year.
Marius' 16th Birthday TAL 2016-09-28 00:00:00Z 0

2016 Snow Bash

Posted on Sep 18, 2016
Another successful year parking cars foe the Ohio Ridge runners Snow Bash event held at the Town of Ohio Park on Rt 8. Many Rotarians supported the event this year. Pictures showing the parking lot full of cars and of some Rotarians are provided.
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District 7150 Governor's Visit

The District Governor, Mr. Peter Cardamone, provided  a discussion of Rotary International and provided some insight to the Seniors and their families that were in attendance on the missions and benefits of Rotary to the local community' He discussed the major missions of world-wide elimination Polio and clean water programs managed by Rotary International. Pictured below are from right to left are Frank McGann, Kuyahoora Rotary Club President, and Peter Cardamone, District 7150 Governor.
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2016 Senior Awards

Posted on Aug 01, 2016
The Kuyahoora Rotary Club selected 6 high school graduates, based on essays, to share in $4,000 worth of award money to be used for their future educations.  Elise Butler from PHS won the Academic award.  She plans to attend Hamilton College for biochemistry and eventually become a medical doctor.  Kaytlyn Tooke of PHS won the Effort Award and plans to attend Utica College for nursing, eventually becoming a nurse-practitioner.  Marissa Anderson, also of PHS, has won the volunteerism award for collecting and sending 27 pallets of books to Rotary Clubs around the world for distribution to needy schools and libraries.  She will be attending Utica College and plans to become a physical therapist.
At the WCV school we also had 3 award winners.  Hannah Bouchard won the Academic award and plans to enter the College of Pharmacy in Albany.  Shannon Phillips won the Effort award and will pursue health studies at Utica College.  Lastly, Chloe Murphy will attend MVCC and work for certification as a counselor for the chemically dependent.
We are so proud of all our winners.  They are all going into health occupations where they can work to improve the lives of their fellow citizens.
Picture caption:  Left to right, Shannon Phillips, Kaytlyn Tooke, Chloe Murphy, Hannah Bouchard and Marissa Anderson
Back row:  Frank McGann, Kuyahoora Rotary Club President.  Missing:  Elise Butler
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Mercy Flight Central

Posted by TAL on Jul 18, 2016
Our guest speaker for the July 19th meeting was Greg Eisenhut. Mr.Eisenhut is the fund raiser for Mercy Flight Cental which covers 18 counties in central NYS and about 4 million people.Greg spoke at length and showed slides as well on his program of Helicopter rescues and patient transport. Costs can go as high as $27,000 to transport a patient in an emergency and Mercy Flight Central needs additional funds to meet payroll for nurses, ALS trained assistants and pilots.  The group currently keeps four planes ready at all times while meeting FFA standards of craft maintenance. 
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2016 Artur Whaley Awardee

Posted by TAL on Jul 18, 2016
Also, at the July 19th 2016 meeting the 2016 Arthur Whaley awardee, Elise Butler and her mother attended the meeting. Elise Butler was the WCV winner of the Academic Award for $1,000.  She introduced her mother and then told us of her future plans.  She will attend Hamilton college and major in biochemisry.  She ultimately hopes to become an M.D. Congradulation the Elise.
2016 Artur Whaley Awardee TAL 2016-07-19 00:00:00Z 0

Visiting Foreign Exchange Students

Posted by TAL on Jul 18, 2016
We had the honor of a visit from two of our former Foreign Exchanges students at our Juy 19th Meeting. Janik, from Switzerland and Linda, from Germany were both individually viisiting the United States and decided to attend our regular meeting to say hi to the club members.
Yanik is now in college majoring in computer services and English.  We hosted him about two years ago at West Camada Valley Central School.
Linda is now in college earning her Masters in Arabic languages and Terrorist studies in England.  We hosted her about six years ago in Poland Central School.
Pioctured below from Left to Right are: Janik, Linda and Melissa McCredie (KVR Youth Exchange Officer)
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2015-2016 Outgoing Exchange Student

Posted by tal on Jul 12, 2016
Isobel Gouse was the Kuyahoora Rotary Club outgoing foreign exchange student for this academic year.  She stayed/lived in Brazilia, BR, the capital city, for l0 months and attended high school there.  During that time she traveled all over the country and learned to speak Portuguese.  On July 12, 2016, she spoke to our club about her experiences, especially her high school classes given in a foreign language.  She went to school from 7:30 to l:00 and also attended optional classes from 2:00 to 6:00.  During that time she had block classes in chemistry (2) math (2) English, Composition, and physics (2)  In the PM she could take optional classes such as history and geography.  She took a total of 10 mandatory classes. 
2015-2016 Outgoing Exchange Student tal 2016-07-13 00:00:00Z 0

June 2016 Student of the Month

Posted by tal on Jul 12, 2016
The Kuyahoora Rotary Club has chosen Autumn Verbitsky, is a Junior-Senior at the WCVCS, as the outstanding student for the month of June..Autumn currently takes two English classes and a host of Advanced Placement courses.  She has earned 13 hours in college-level credit and plans on attending local colleges for two years.  After that she will tranfer to a private college and major in photography and public relations..  She and her mother were recognized by the Rotary Club with dinner and a $100 prize.  The club is very proud of the academic accomplishments of our area students and seek to encourage them in their college pursuits.
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Picnic and Farewell to Kushi 2016-06-15 00:00:00Z 0

2016 Fishing Derby

Posted on May 20, 2016
On May 21 2016, the Kuyahoora Valley Rotary Club held its annual Fishing Derby. The fishing derby is for grade school aged students in the Kuyahoiora Valley, which includes the Poland and West Canada Central School Districts. Contestants are registered into age groups:
  1. Up to 6 years
  2. 7 Years
  3. 8 Years
  4. 9 Years
  5. 10 Years
  6. 11 Years
  7. 12 Years
Prizes are awarded to each age group for the largest fish caught within the age group and grand prizes are awarded for the largest overall fish caught. This year there were 2 winners for age group 12 years and for the Grand Prize.
Coffee, soda, hot dogs, chips and cookies were provide free of charge to all people who attanded the fishing derby. Monies to support this event is provided through the annual fund raisers put on by the Rotary club. The Rotary club stocked the front pond with 100 13 to 15 inch raibow trout from  the Hickling Fish Farms, Edminston, NY. Margan Bait provided the worms used for the children to fish. Prizes were provided by donations from Stewart's Shops, James Trevvett Memorium, and the Kuyahoora Anglers. Special thanks to the Klutschkowski's for allowing the Rotary to have this event at their residence.
Grand Prize Winners
Grand Prize Winners
Alexis Ellsworth - Age Group (Up to 6) - West Canada School - 17 1/2"
Hanna Carnright - Age Group 10 - Poland School - 17 1/2"
2016 Fishing Derby Tom Lindsay 2016-05-21 00:00:00Z 0

Exchange Student Video Presentation at District Conference

Posted on May 16, 2016

Our Kuyahoora Valley Rotary Club hosts an Exchange Student each year, and it's a program that has a big impact for clubs and participants. Watch this video for ...a heart-felt explanation of why it works so well. I'm glad I was at the Rotary Conference to hear our student Kushi present this talk - she's a great young woman who is making a difference already for the world. Great job, Kushi! Click on the below Link

Exchange Student Video Presentation at District Conference Tom Lindsay 2016-05-17 00:00:00Z 0

2016 Rotary Auction

Posted on May 06, 2016

Our annual auction was held May 7th at Snyder Fuel Service in Newport, NY. Many thanks are to be given to: 

  • Local Business who donated Gift Certificates to be auctioned
  • Local Community members who donated items to auction
  • Snyder Fuel Service for use of their facility
  • Boy Scouts for assistance during the auction
  • Les Porter for his expert Auctioneer Services
  • Auction Attendees who bid and purchased the auctioned items
  • Club members who volunteered their time to make this event a success


2016 Rotary Auction TAL 2016-05-07 00:00:00Z 0

Pat Vincent

Posted on May 02, 2016
At our May3rd meeting Pat Vicent was the speaker. Pat is seeking the office of NYS Assemblyman for the 118th District. He discussed his thoughts and concerns with County and State Government.
Pat Vincent 2016-05-03 00:00:00Z 0

April 2016 Student of the Month

Posted on Apr 25, 2016
At last night's meeting Marissa Anderson from Poland Central School was provided the Kuyahoora Valley Rotary Student of the Month Award. Marissa is a Honor student at Poland and intends on attending Utica College this fall in the Physical Therapy Program.
April 2016 Student of the Month 2016-04-26 00:00:00Z 0

Meeting Attendance

Posted on Apr 18, 2016
April 19th meeting had several guests and an interesting presentation on weather stations in New York.
April 19 Meeting Attendance
April 19th Meeting attendance
First our exchange student Kushi) from India brought her mother (Daksha) to the meeting. Daksha is in the USA visiting her daughter and getting a tour of the area by members of the Kuyahoora Rotary.
Melissa and Daksha
Melissa and Daksha
Meeting Attendance 2016-04-19 00:00:00Z 0

March Student of the Month

Posted on Mar 07, 2016

At our regular Rotary meeting 8 March 2016, Taylor Trask, a Sophomore at West Canada Central School, was honored with the Kuyahoora Valley Rotary Club Student of the Month award.


Taylor Trask

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February Student of the Month

At our regular Rotary meeting Josh Ryan, a senior at Poland Central School, was honored with the Kuyahoora Valley Rotary Student of the Month award.




Josh Ryan

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Youth Leadership Award

Posted on Jan 25, 2016

The Kuyahoora Rotary Club’s selected 2015 “Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA)” student (Ms. Marissa Anderson) completed her RYLA community project, Marissa’s project consisted of collecting enough used books locally to fill a shipping pallet for the Rotarian “Books for the World (BFTW)” program . Some pictures of Marissa’s project and background information on the RYLA and BFTW programs are:



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Times Telegram Article

Posted on Jan 01, 2016

A local Newspaper, "Times Telegram," published our Rotary Club's Student of the Month winners for November and December 2015. See articles below.





Times Telegram Article TAL 2016-01-02 00:00:00Z 0

2015 Paul Harris Award

Posted on Dec 08, 2015

At our annual Christmas diner (Held at the Ohio Tavern) last evening, a Paul Harris award was given to Ann Maher for her service to our Rotary Club and the community at large. Ann is very deserving of this award. See pcture below of Ann with our Club President Melissa McCredie.


Melissa McCredie and Ann Maher


2015 Paul Harris Award TAL 2015-12-09 00:00:00Z 0

District 7150 Chair of Youth Exchange

Posted on Nov 09, 2015

At our November 10th meeting we had an honored visit from Tom Taylor (District 7150 Chair of Youth Exchange). He was in the area to provide Youth Exchange training to the Club's President Melissa McCredie and decided to stay to join us for dinner at the Blue Rose Restaurant. See picture of Tom and Melissa below.


Melissa McCredie and Tom Taylor

District 7150 Chair of Youth Exchange TAL 2015-11-10 00:00:00Z 0

Fall Festival Booth

Posted on Oct 09, 2015

The Kuyahoora Rotary Club maintained a booth at the Fall Festival. The Festival was held by the Kuyahoora Valley Chamber of Commerce at the Town of Russia Town Park in Poland NY. The Festival was held in conjunction with the Poland Central School's Soccer Tournament. At the booth Rotary members discussed Rotary and the benefits provided by Rotary to the Kuyahoora Valley as well as sold chocolate milk as a fund raiser. In the picture below are members Tom Trevvett, Ann Maher and Bub Barra.


Tom Trevvett, Ann Maher and Bub Barra


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2015-16 Youth Exchange Presentation

The meeting was enlightening and awesome to be at. The Rotary Club's Youth Exchange student (Khushi) gave a presentation on her home country's history, artifacts, cultures and religions. In attendance with Kushi were some WCV school students she has made friends with, a Youth Exchange Student from Denmark (Emma), a Youth Exchange Student from Hungary (Sara). Here are some pictures.



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2015 Snow Bash

The Kuyahoora Rotary Club spent the weekend parking cars for the Town of Ohio Snow Bash. We had great weather and a fun time. There was a great attendance for the event and we filled the parking lot on Saturday. See some pictures.



Melissa and Khushi

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2015 Summer/Fall Picnic

On Sept 8th Ann Maher hosted a Kuyahoora Rotary Club picnic at her house on Castle Road. Thank You Ann. A majority of the club members with some spouses attended the wonderful (although it did rain a little) evening. Also in attendance were 3 Foreign Exchange Students form India (Khushi), Germany (Lennart) and Denmark (Emma), Randy and Jan Wilson (Sauquoit Rotary), Suzie Jones (Host Mom for Khushi), John Secor (Adirondack Foothills Rotary) to help celebrate Khushi's 18th birthday.  Some pictures are below.



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2015 Graduation Award Students

The Kuyahoora Rotary Club awarded $6,000 in scholarships to 2015 graduates from two area high schools based on their competitive essays. Hannah Leshinski of West Canada Valley Central School and Andrea Coleman of Poland High School won the Kenneth Young Effort Award. Both plan to pursue nursing degrees. Matthew Zbytniewski of West Canada Valley Central School and Amber Gates of Poland High School won the Richard Rasch Service Award for their volunteer work in the community. Zbytniewski will study cyber security at the college level. Gates plans to pursue a degree in zoology. Academic Awards were presented to David Kutsar of West Canada Valley Central School and Jarred Kraszewski of Poland High School. Kutsar will start a six year program of pharmacy at the Albany School of Pharmacy. Kraszewski will study marketing and information management at the college level. From left, Kraszewski, Coleman, Kutsar, Gates, Zbytniewski and Leshinski.



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2015 Joint Club Picnic

Posted on Aug 17, 2015

On this evening we held a Joint Club Picnic at the Russia Town Park. In attendance were members and guests of the Adirondack Foothills Rotary Club and the Kuyahoora Rotary Club. Also in attendance were the incoming Exchange students for each club ( Khushi from India for the Kuyahoora Club and Lennart from Germany for the Adirondack Club). Below are some pictures taken at the picnic.


Exchange Student Kushi with her host Family


Khushi and her Host Family the Jones'




Country Contact and Khushi


Country Contact Randy Wilson and Wife Janet (Saquoit Rotary Club) with Khushi



Jeff Hazard with Lennart and KHushi


Jeff Hazard with Lennart (Germany Exchange Student) and Khushi (India Exchange Student)


Melissa and Khushi


Melissa McCredie and Khushi

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2014/15 Foriegn Exchange Student Departure

During the summer months the Kuyahoora Rotary Club had the pleasure of hosting a Foreign Exchange Student form Spain (Borja). While here in the Kuyahoora Valley, Borja stayed with the host family, Jim and Leonora Foster shown below. Also pictured below is our Cub President (Melissa McCredie) and our current Foreign Exchange Student (Khushi) from India with Borja as he departed to Florida and then to home.



Borja Host Family?

The Foster Family


Melissa and Exchange students


Khushi, Melissa and Borja


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Outgoin Exchange Student Arrival in Brazil

Posted on Aug 15, 2015

The Kuyahoora Rotary Club's outgoing Exchange Student, Izzy, from the Poland Central School has arrived in Brazil. The below picture shows Izzy at the airport with her Brazillian Host Family.



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2015 -2016 District Governor Visit

Posted on Jul 20, 2015

On July 21st the Rotary Club of the Kuyahoora Valley hosted a visit from the Rotary District 7150 2015 -2016 District Governor, Mr. Henry A. McDonald (Mac). Mac provided an insight discussion on Rotary today, this years Rotary International President's message, this year's rotary theme "Be A Gift to The World" and Mac's goals, and objectives for his year as District Governor. With this post is a picture of Mac with the 2015-2016 Rotary Club of the Kuyahoora Valley President, Melissa McCredie.


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Dolly Parton Imaginary Library (DPIL)

In 1996, Dolly Parton launched an exciting new effort, Dolly Parton's Imagination Library, to benefit the children of her home county in East Tennessee, USA. Dolly's vision was to foster a love of reading among her county’s preschool children and their families by providing them with the gift of a specially selected book each month. By mailing high quality, age-appropriate books directly to their homes, she wanted children to be excited about books and to feel the magic that books can create. Moreover, she could insure that every child would have books, regardless of their family’s income.
Dolly’s Imagination Library became so popular that in the year 2000 she announced that she would make the program available for replication to any community that was willing to partner with her to support it locally.  Since the initial program launch in the United States, Dolly Parton's Imagination Library has gone from just a few dozen books to nearly 40,000,000 books mailed to children in the United States, into Canada and across the proverbial pond into the United Kingdom! Currently over 1600 local communities provide the Imagination Library to almost 700,000 children each and every month.  Already statistics and independent reports have shown Dolly Parton's Imagination Library drastically improves early childhood literacy for children enrolled in the program. Further studies have shown improved scores during early literacy testing.
In 2013, the North Utica, Adirondack and Kuyahoora Valley Rotary Clubs, brought the Dolly Parton Imaginary Library to Oneida and Herkimer Counties. Limited, at first, to a few zip code areas, new born to age 5 children will receive an age appropriate book each month at no cost to the family, regardless of family income. 
It is hoped within the next 5 years all zip codes within Herkimer and Oneida Counties will be included in the Dolly Parton Imaginary Library. 


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2012 News

Posted on Dec 30, 2012

August 21 2012

  • Attended a Tri-Club picnic at Lock 20 on Route 49 Marcy

July 3 2012

  • John Booth gave a presentation on Preparedness 101 which is found here.

June 19 2012

  • A changing of the guard ceremony was held at the Crystal Chandelier restaurant in Middleville, NY. 2011-2012 President, Ms. Ann Maher, welcomed the incoming 2012-2013 President, Mr. John Snyder, and Vice President, Ms. Grace Klutschkowski.

June 12 2012

  • Donated $40 to the Newport Fireman's Field Days Program.

June 2 2012

  • The Rotary Club's annual fishing Derby for the grade school students of West Canada and Poland Central Schools was held at the Klutschkowski ponds just off the Newport-Gray Road.

May 22 2012

  • Donated $600 to send students from West Canada and Poland Central Schools to the RYLA Leadership Conference at Cazenovia Collegian mid July.

May 6 2012

  • Kuyahoora Rotary Golf Team came in SECOND at the annual Rotary tournament. See Photo

May 5 2012

  • Rotary held its annual auction fund raiser at Snyder Fuel Service in Newport from 10 AM to 2 PM.  See Photos

April 24 2012


  • Membership Drive Meeting held with guest speaker Assemblyman Marc Butler.


April 17 2012 

  • A crew of Rotarians met under the Adopt-a-Highway program to clean-up the areas on east and west side of NYS Route 28 between Newport and Poland.
  • A donation of $150 was made to support the Newport Cemetery Committee stone crypt restoration.
  • A donation of $250 was made to the Barneveld Unity Hall Audio Visual Technology Improvement Program.
  • A Donation was made to Kaieight Gorenshek for attendance at the SUNY Geneseo Music Camp.


April 10 2012 

  • A crew of Rotarians met at the Public Fishing area on NYS Route 28 between Newport and Poland to clear out brush along the West Canada Creek shoreline and clean-up trash in the area.


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