April 19th meeting had several guests and an interesting presentation on weather stations in New York.
April 19 Meeting Attendance
April 19th Meeting attendance
First our exchange student Kushi) from India brought her mother (Daksha) to the meeting. Daksha is in the USA visiting her daughter and getting a tour of the area by members of the Kuyahoora Rotary.
Melissa and Daksha
Melissa and Daksha
ffKushi, Melissa and Daksha
Kushi, Melissa and Daksha
Snyder's, Klutschkowski's, Kushi and Daksha

Back (left to Right): Manfred and Grace Klutschkowski

Front (Left to Right): John Snyder, Daksha, Kushi, Beth Snyder



Second, the presentation for the evening was on the Mesonet Weather System being installed State wide. Member Bob Burt hosted the presentor, Jerry Brotzge, who gave a slide show and discussion of the Mesonet Weather System. There will be when completed 125 weather stations installed in New York State.

Jerry Brotzge and Bob Burt